Company Profile

AFM Distribution Sh.p.k. is a manufacturing firm that specializes in the production of top quality work wear garments primarily for consumption in the European market. We produce work wear and professional uniforms used by private and public industry sectors

Our company was founded in 2001, when local entrepreneur Besnik Myftari began mobilizing former Albanian state-owned textile industry resources and knowledge to meet a growing manufacturing demand in the European market.

Since then, we have partnered with clients to reach the highest quality and efficiency standards in order fulfillment. We pride ourselves in bringing strong technical expertise and experience to support every degree of order complexity. We are committed to the production of high quality work wear, guaranteed delivery of finished product on schedule and maximum flexibility at a favorable cost.

Our manufacturing practices are compliant to industry, client and fair labor standards (see more). Our growing workforce of 360 is a testament of our high quality standards and good company culture.

Our production facilities are located in Tirana, Fushe-Preze and Pogradec, Albania.